Live to smell the coffee and the flowers



Dear Travel Agents/ Advisors,

For those of you who follow my blogs, you know I collect countries. So far, I have been to 84 different countries, and am still counting. I enjoy visiting each one, and having my country count increase is my pleasure in life. I live for travel, and cheer for all of you when I see the pictures of your smiling faces discovering new countries.

This year, my goal and plan was to reach a count of 91 countries, and I was dreaming about each new country I would discover. In March 2019, I was going to go to Uganda but unfortunately that didn’t happen. I prefer not to discuss the reasons, but I learned from it, and I am glad it happened the way it did.

By the time you read this blog, I will be visiting Montenegro and Malta for the first time from a cruise starting in Venice, Italy, traveling through the Adriatic Coast and ending in Rome. This will bring my country count up to 86!

We had another cruise scheduled for Christmas and New Year’s to the Caribbean and 4 more new countries were on the horizon. I was counting on my list having 91 countries by January 2nd. Then, my two sons and their girlfriend and fiancé decided to spend Christmas and New Year’s with us in Napa Valley. We were thrilled, and there were no second thoughts about it – we canceled our cruise and embraced the idea of spending time with them.

Life is a gift! I always insist on waking up and smelling the coffee. I take every chance I get to see the world, but when other opportunities happen, I just smile and slow down to smell the roses – take what comes, forget what-ifs and enjoy the beautiful gift that life is.

Wishing you plenty of coffee and roses!

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