Some good deeds go unpunished…


Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

How often do you feel that the phrase, “no good deed goes unpunished,” is a true statement? I honestly feel this way sometimes, especially when I deal with “friends” and family. Notice that I wrote friends in quotation marks, because I don’t believe that true friends behave that way!

But truly, how many times do we go out of our way to be nice, to do good, only to be blamed later or to be misunderstood. I have been at the point where I almost threw in the towel – becoming numb, and losing my interest in being “a nice guy.” I can tell you some stories that have made me feel like that lately, but I am sure that you have a story too – so we would just be commiserating together.

But, allow me to tell you what happened today. I live on a street that shares the same name as another street in the same town. The difference that my street is South and the other address, a large company, is North. I came home, and on my porch there was a package from FEDEX with my address (South) but the company’s name from North.

I didn’t think twice, and called the company on North and explained that I had their package. Since they are a big company, and I left it on my porch and someone came to pick it up. I completely forgot about it!

Later on, I got a phone call from a number I didn’t recognize it, so I ignored it, but the person called 4 times. Finally the person left me a message. I checked the message. It was the important guy from the North, telling me there was something outside my door for me, and thanking me for calling them and making sure his package got delivered to the right address. I opened the door and a huge flower arrangement was there for me with a nice thank you note. I called him back and thanked him for the beautiful flowers, it was very kind of him.

So, good deeds often go just the way they are supposed to. The result is not a reflection of who you are, but shows who the other person is.

My mom, who is in heaven now, used to say that we shouldn’t change because of others; some people are able to see the good and beauty, others see the bad and ugly. Always be your best self. Unfortunately, sometimes people will misunderstand your goodness – but the right ones will surprise you with kindness.

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