Have your cake, and eat it too.


Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

We have talked about the different skills that travel agents/advisors have to have to develop their businesses: the school of travel is not enough! You’ll also need some psychology, math, history, geography, science, grammar (in whichever language you will use to correspond with your client), technology (lots of computer skills), and some game strategy.

If you read every word in the last paragraph, you are probably thinking, where will I use and be good at game strategy?

Well, let me tell you, especially with over a quarter century of experience with this. (Wow! That sounds much more impressive than over 25 years, right?) We always need to keep some cards hidden up our sleeves because we never know what a prospective client will come up with after we present a full proposal to them.

They just remembered their 2-year-old grandchild that “they forgot” to mention, and now they expect that child to travel for free. Or, they got an airfare ticket on sale and need an extra hotel night but “can’t afford” to change their budget.

They are prospective clients, you worked hard on that proposal, and you want to make it happen!

Use the skills you’ve learned so well by playing games. Keep the upper-hand. Don’t bluff and show your “Royal Flush.” You knew you would win because you know how to count the cards.

I am not telling you to cheat, I do believe in karma! I am just explaining how to prepare yourself for some surprises and decide in advance how you will deal with them. By being a good game player, you can have your cake and eat it too, and at the same time, your prospective client is happy.

Food for thought, for sure!

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