Dear Travel Agents and Advisors,

I’ve talked before about prospective and established clients’ expectations, and how travel agents/advisors deal with them. This seems to be one of the most common problems we discuss with regard to the success of one’s business.

Now, I want to focus on the expectations you have for yourself and your own business. How do you refer to yourself? How engaged are you in building your business? Where do you see yourself in one year from now? How about 5 years? And 10 years from now? Most importantly, how nicely do you treat yourself, and forgive yourself for mistakes?

I highly suggest that you educate yourself a lot. This can be through courses, FAM Trips, online classes and definitely by reading self-improvement books. You need to respect and take care of yourself first; before you can become an awesome travel agent/advisor and become the best in your field.

Knowing how to set limits, be respected while respecting your clients, valuing your time and valuing your client’s best interests are the keys to your success. It is a combination of math, chemistry, science and some history all tied up with lots of psychology. The secret is that you don’t need a fancy degree to succeed, just be your best self and give 100%.

I am cheering for your success and believe you will achieve it. Just keep your own expectations in check.

My best wishes!

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