The Price of Kindness

twitter-292988_960_720Dear Travel Agents,

I want to talk to you about the price of kindness and how you might find yourself on both sides of the act: receiving and giving.

Sometimes kindness gets into people’s way: some may think your action is because you are trying to “buy” someone’s love or even worse, you don’t have enough self esteem and are a people pleaser.

Even more difficult is how to explain acts of kindness on social media. Here, it is even harder not to be misunderstood. Every action you take trying to be kind might later be used to take advantage of you.

I make it a point to be very supportive of travel agents and friends about their businesses and personal lives. With almost 5k friends, sometimes is hard to embrace everything I see on Facebook. But, I have tried, and even participate in some chain posts that make sense to me. I just participated in one because I liked a comment I saw on a travel agent/friend’s page. It ended up that the post I “liked” was not true, but was instead her amusing way to get people who liked her comment to follow a chain in honor of “2019 Autism Awareness Month.” By liking her post, I was then “it!” I had to choose one of 16 silly statuses, and then post it on my Facebook page, all to raise awareness of autism.

I usually don’t follow chain posts, but this was for a great cause and my soft heart could not ruin it, so I posted: Just won a chance audition on America’s Got Talent!

Many liked, commented and asked questions, but I suddenly felt awkward. For a moment, I regretted liking my friend’s post, but I know she is very kind – like I am.

I went back to her post and looked to see who commented and liked her post and saw that only 2 people were “following” the chain.

What is the price of kindness? I HAVE NOT just won a chance to audition on America’s Got Talent, but maybe my talent is kindness.

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