Making Sales Even Easier


Dear Travel Agents,

This blog post is for the newbies, the nice people, and those who like to go the extra mile to please their clients. If you are not in those categories, this blog will not make a difference in your business, but you are welcome to read as well. But for those who qualify, this is a MUST and hopefully these words will help you and your business.

I like to believe that the client is always right when they say nice things about me, when they are easy to work with, when their expectations are real, and when there is a mutual respect between all parties. In my mind, life would be best if we could always say that the “clients are always right.”

But truth to be told, they are human beings and some of them have incredible expectations. In other words, champagne tastes with less than a beer budget. Some try to bargain on everything and expect quality, or they are simply rude.

You, as a newbie, a nice person, or just in need of a client, think that by trying to accommodate that prospective client’s wishes, you will get a happy client. No! You will get upset, have regrets and ultimately a suffer from a headache or stomachache, and/or think about giving up, and/or believe you are not cut out for this job.

Guess what? Have you ever dealt with a toddler, or a bratty teenager, or even a dog that chews on your stuff? You need to nicely show them who is the boss by demonstrating that you know better. Use the words, “trust me on this one” or “in my experience” or “my best clients go” or “I am a travel agent, not a magician” and set your own limits.

I can tell you that most of my nightmare prospective clients became my best clients because I told them – without insulting them – that what they wanted from a commercial flight, for example, doesn’t exist so far, but I would let them know as soon as an airline created a flight from LAX to Morocco non-stop – just because they don’t like to change planes.

Joking with them helps a lot, because you can pretend that their rudeness, unrealistic expectations, or “stupidity” is an intentional joke on their part. Laugh and make it lighter. Don’t laugh at them, laugh with them, and make them your friend.

Feel free to pick my brain before you get a stomachache or feel like giving up.

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