Agents or Advisors


Dear Travel Agents and Advisors,

Today, I began my blog by being inclusive and making sure to call you, my travel agents, also advisors.

Paraphrasing my friend Doug Cooke, I am glad ASTA didn’t have to change their name since “agent” and “advisor” both begin with “A.”

Some people prefer to be called Travel Advisors while others happily continue to consider themselves Travel Agents. If you want my opinion, and since I am ready to give it anyway, it doesn’t matter what we call ourselves. First of all, what matters most is that they do call. Then, they need to treat our jobs with respect, consider the amount of work that we do, and finally, show appreciation by booking.

This also reminds me the other side of the coin. I have heard the comment over and over again that if someone can book his/her own travel, that person is already a travel agent. With all due respect, even if I can cut my own hair, that doesn’t make me a hairdresser. Even if I think I can do a good job on myself; to be a considered a real hairdresser, I need proper training.

So, Travel Agents or Travel Advisors – have your name and preferred title on your business card, social media and everywhere else you want to promote yourself, but don’t forget that ASTA and other associations and even myself as a coach, are cheering and proud of you. Specialize, give 100%, and all prospective clients will come back and also refer you to friends, family and acquaintances. Maybe they will say my Travel Agent was awesome, or my Travel Advisor was incredible – but whichever they call you – take it as a compliment. Don’t correct them, after all the client is always right!

Wishing you all the best,

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