Let’s talk about Social Media


Dear Travel Agents,

Many of you have approached me to ask which social media channels are more effective, how to promote your businesses better and whether or not you should pay for advertising on them.

I also have been approached by many who “sell” followers, or those who have a special way to teach me/us to promote on social media.

This is how I feel about social media:

  • People behave in life the same way as they do on social media: integrity, caring, honesty, positivity, focus, etc.
  • What you give is what you get: don’t just post your “stuff” and expect others to “like,” “love,” and comment on your posts. You need to give back, show your “friends” and “followers” that you care about their posts as well.
  • Facebook and Instagram: I follow back all who follow me, but only those that have to do with travel agents or tour operators. I am not looking for anything else, such as hair extensions or fitness programs. It is about consistency, and not the number of followers. It makes it easier to like and comment on their posts!
  • I personally use the app “Mass Delete” for Instagram. I don’t know if this is the best, but I am pretty happy with it. I find many “smart” people following me on Instagram, and once I follow them back, they “dump” me. This way, their number of followers go up. With this app I know who is not following me anymore, so I can unfollow back. By the way, that is a way (not a nice one) to increase followers.
  • You can definitely promote yourself and your company with social media by giving more of yourself. Many people think that they can fool others and make-believe on social media but truly, like in real life, that is short lived.
  • The more you give, the more you get, and like with real friends, be honest, caring, trustworthy and respectful to all. Forget the negativity, and those who just need you to be one more follower.

Cheering for you!

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