Appreciation is the key


Dear Friends and Travel Agents,

Now, it is my turn to ask each and every one of you how you feel when you help someone. How much satisfaction does it bring you, especially when people recognize and appreciate it?

I’d like to share my feelings about this with you. To those who know me and to those who don’t even have a clue; I love to help anyone, anytime. No, I am not a people pleaser, and I have a strong self-esteem thanks to years of therapy, but a smile of appreciation, the words “thank you,” and the action of sharing my blogs and posts are the biggest rewards I get.

I honestly do not believe that good people go to heaven or bad people go to hell, but I do believe in karma and I think that this life is a mixture of heaven and hell, depending on the way we choose to look at it.

Why am I writing all of this and including friends, and not only travel agents? I think that every time we share a little bit of ourselves, we expose who we really are. We take a step forward by speaking up and showing our true selves and explaining what our needs are. The people who really care about us will understand, and the ones who don’t will continue to act in their own way, but it takes courage and maturity to say how we feel and what we need. We shouldn’t change who we are because certain people can’t show appreciation of good deeds.

Be who you are, continue helping others and have the courage to speak up to avoid getting hurt.  Hopefully, some people will become more careful and more caring.

With love and gratitude!

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