Choosing the Right Tour Companies


Dear Travel Agents,

We’ve talked so much about how to get new clients, keeping your regular clients happy, and promoting your business on social media. Now, I want to make sure that we discuss another important issue: credibility.

A Travel Agent’s credibility depends on finding the right tour companies to work with. Getting your commission on time is very important, but other factors are very important as well:

  •  Having a tour operator that is available to take the time to explain the destination to you.
  •  Getting back to your with quotes and answering your questions as soon as possible; so clients don’t wait too long.
  •  It’s preferable to work with Tour Operators that work with Travel Agents only and don’t sell to the public, avoiding competition and the possibility that they will try to sell directly to YOUR clients.
  •  If possible, having a sales person assigned to you so that you can build a rapport.
  •  Making sure that pricing, rules and conditions will not change after you purchase the tour package for yourself or for your client.

All of above are very important factors in building a reputable business as a Travel Agent, especially the last one. Some Tour Operators change prices, rules or conditions once the tour package has been purchased. They will say that you didn’t read the fine print, or that you forgot what they told you over the phone regarding taxes and tips, or about necessary permits and domestic flights, and so on. Then, you’re into a situation where you need to go back to the client and change the price, rules or conditions, OR EAT IT, and keep your word. Tough!

Do your homework BEFORE you learn the hard way! Ask the travel experts, or ask others who have been in the business longer. Join travel groups, and most importantly, pay attention to your gut feeling. Your reputation is priceless and paying for mistakes can become overwhelming.

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