Who am I, and who are you?


Dear Travel Agents,

Don’t be surprised, but I get many requests for mentoring and guiding. Travel Agents care for my opinions and appreciate my guidance. I feel very flattered by that.

One of the questions I ask agents is who are you? What perception do you want people to have about you? If people have a hard time answering this question, I suggest that they always be who they really are – no one can do a better job than they can at being themselves.

Some ask who I am. I truly appreciate this question and with only a few words I can describe myself. I am a cheerleader, a lover of travel, and I love life and to see people succeeding. I don’t have time for hate; that is a foreign feeling that I have never experienced. My life is too beautiful and too full creating my own happiness. I have no time or space within myself to drink the poison and expect another to die.

Surround yourself with good thoughts, good vibes, work on your dreams, be with positive people and continue riding your unicorn. Travel the world, watch sunrises and sunsets, sing your favorite songs out loud, and dream in full color.

You truly deserve it!

I am your cheerleader and others who live their lives like us will all do the same things: support each other and create more unicorns so we all can dream in full color.

Follow your dreams and make them real, be the best self you can be.

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One thought on “Who am I, and who are you?

  1. Thank you for this Rosana. I’ve gotten to know you through your travels. I use to think to myself…”wow…..she is always traveling to the most exotic and majestic places. That’s what I yearned to do all my life! Being your best self, is doing what you love…and what you are best at…whatever that mat be. Thank you for allowing us to experience with you through pictures and video! I know exactly who you are now, you’re as beautiful as the places you wander to 😘😘


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