Following the Leader


Dear Travel Agents,

Do you know any people who are successful in the areas you are focused on? Do you wonder how they got to that place?

Well, many of them love to share their success. Some are even willing to mentor others, simply because it is a way to give back to the community and/or because they believe that life is not a competition, but a way to build each other up, so we can all cheer and be happy together. Why?

Why does anyone want to help and mentor you for free? What do they have to gain?  I can’t tell you everyone’s reasons, but I can tell you about my own.  I feel very blessed. I built my own success and I believe in helping others. It makes me feel better about myself. I smile every time a travel agent or a tour operator grows and shares with me how well they are doing. How much my words, blogs and even mentoring has helped them move forward.

When I share my ideas with someone, I explain why, and what my ideas are based on – not just, “do as I say.”  I enjoy explaining the reasons for and consequences of each action. That saves people many headaches, and many times, falling flat and losing clients and money.

What intrigues me is when people are told what not to do in business, basic ideas to avoid mistakes, and I see them doing these things anyway.  It’s rather like telling someone to hold onto the handrail of a staircase when it is raining to avoid a fall, and then them falling. That person not only avoided the advice but also decided to go two steps at a time, and then they post on social media how life is unfair because they ended up getting some stitches.

Life is what you make it, and even better when you have people cheering for you. Hold on the handrail, take one step at a time, and think before you jump.

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