More trips to the Caribbean


Dear Travel Agents,

I love traveling the world and count every new country, that is what I live for.

Truth be told, I am not a beach person.

I was born in Brazil and everyone believes that as a Brazilian, I love dancing samba and laying on the beach. As a little girl, my skin went from freckles to blisters, making me hate going to the beach. Meanwhile, my mom basted me with suntan lotion, and asked me to go in the water and stay in the sun as much as we could for Vitamin D.

This December my husband and I decided to spend Christmas and New Year’s on a cruise to the Caribbean. It was the best decision we’ve made! We visited 7 islands and had so much fun; from hiking, to visiting the islands, to learning the history, seeing the sights and most important parts of the islands, visiting the waterfalls, and most importantly, meeting the friendly people of the Caribbean.

Tourism is their principal industry and unfortunately, some islands have been severely damaged by hurricanes.

I went also to some beautiful beaches, after slathering myself with tons of 110% sun block and making sure I was under an umbrella. I tried going to the water, it’s so clean, but the water was still on the cool side for me (or maybe, because of my bad traumas as a little girl, LOL!) I was happy with a pina colada and reading a book.

I met wonderful people in this cruise, apparently they’ve been coming to the Caribbean at the same time for years and know each other. There is a party every night, and awesome shows. We came back feeling so relaxed, feeling good for helping the industry, and for giving a little towards rebuilding some of the islands that need it.

We’ve signed up again for next year! Come meet us for Christmas and New Year’s on Celebrity Silhouette for an incredible tour to the Caribbean islands. You will love it!

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