Being in AWE


Dear Travel Agent,

It is the beginning of another year and people are already talking about stress and anxiety. They have New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, quit smoking or stop enjoying certain kinds of foods. They want to exercise more; but they are all creating more stress instead of relaxing and enjoying the promise of the new year.

Then, they hear about the hormone Cortisol, which is sometimes called the “stress hormone.” That’s because levels of cortisol in the body spike during times of high stress.

Did you know that being in AWE helps decrease this hormone?

It is true! Just admiring a beautiful sunset or sunrise, seeing one of the 7 Wonders of the World, listening to the ocean, feeling the breezes on a sunny beach, being in contact with animals during a safari, admiring a painting at The Louvre, watching the migration in Kenya or Tanzania, being splashed by some water from a waterfall and discovering amazing destinations around the world put us in AWE. This causes our cortisol levels to go down, our tensions relax and we feel better.

I am not a doctor, nor I am trying to give any medical advice. Call your doctor and ask about the “stress hormone” and confirm whether he/she recommends that you travel to an incredible destination and be in AWE to reduce your stress level. A good doctor will tell you to go. Then call your Travel Agent, give them your budget and tell him/her what makes you happy and smile, and a great trip will be planned for you!

Promise that this year, instead of rushing to fulfill a New Year’s resolution, you will be nice to yourself, and be a little selfish, and take care of yourself first.

To a trip of a lifetime in 2019, and to celebrating life this year!  You deserve it!  Cheers!

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