The Value of a Travel Agent


Dear Travel Agents,

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2019! How is your business doing? How will your business grow this year?

Allow me to give you some guidance. Some ideas on how to promote yourself to your clients, and prospective ones, just in case you aren’t doing that already.

In a world where everything is shopping and consulting online, even travelers think that they will find a better deal through online search engines, instead of spending time talking to a real person with the title of Travel Agent.

Well, let’s make a list of what a search engine or an online program CANNOT do for a client, or a prospective one:

  • Search engines DO NOT CARE for anyone
  • Search engines DO NOT HAVE empathy
  • Search engines DO NOT RELATE to people’s feeling
  • Search engines DO NOT UNDERSTAND how people think, dream, make a bucket list, or that they have expectations
  • Search engines DO NOT VALUE a client, or potential one
  • Search engines DO NOT PROTECT client’s interests once they are traveling
  • Search engines DO NOT ANSWER questions about travel (only the ones already programmed!)
  • Search engines DO NOT MAKE SURE clients or prospective ones have travel insurance, vaccines and visas
  • Search engines DO NOT KNOW how to best work with budgets and desires
  • Search engines DO NOT follow up

Working with a Travel Agent, a client gets everything that they can’t get from a search engine. They get a caring, expert, intelligent, understanding person who will turn their dreams into reality. One that considers fears, insecurities and budget.

A travel agent values the person as a client, a prospective client, as well as the future friends and family they will recommend.

They take care of the needs of the client before, during and after the trip.

Travel agents research the destination and make sure it is a safe place, provide information about Visas, travel insurance, vaccines and even shopping.

The value of the work of a Travel Agent, is something one CANNOT get online. Just as you cannot get a good doctor consultation online, have hair color or cut online, have a manicure or pedicure made online.

Now, if a person only values their trip as much as they do buying a non-refundable garment online; that is probably not a person a Travel Agent should care for.


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