Medication and Travel


Dear Travel Agent,

Let’s talk about medication and travel. But, I first need to disclaim that I am not a doctor, nor is it my intention to give any medical advice.

Now that we are clear on that, let me give you some tips on how to travel while continuing to take your medication. It is very important to bring your medication in the original containers (box or round plastic bottle) with your name, your doctor’s name and information, and/or if you still have it, the prescription from the doctor. It is also important to bring enough medication to cover all the days of your trip, plus a few more in case of any delays that may occur on the trip. Do not bring too many pills, you could lose them, or in some countries they may believe you are in the business of selling meds!

Some countries have restrictions on medications, make sure you read them and understand that your prescription is not included in their restrictions. The sooner you learn about this, the better able you are to discuss this with your doctor or clinic.

Another point to consider, when medication needs to be taken BEFORE you go to bed or in the evening time because they can make you tired or dizzy, pay attention to timing when you are traveling abroad and going to Asia, Europe, or Australia since time will be of the essence. Same thing with your morning meds.

If you need to purchase medication while you are abroad for any reason, such as seeing a doctor there, make sure those medications are safe to bring home.

The following point is very important! Being on vacation doesn’t mean you are on vacation from your medication. Only your doctor can decide that. Actually it should be the opposite – ALWAYS tell your doctor you are going on a vacation, and make sure you don’t need MORE medication, instead of less. And, while you are discussing this with your doctor, check to see if any spices, drinks or anything else that comes to mind could interact with your medication. If possible, get the name of a doctor in another country if you have any concerns while traveling, and ALWAYS, ALWAYS have a TRAVEL INSURANCE!

Since we are talking about medication, let’s include vaccinations. Make sure you have had all the vaccines required for the destination where you are going.

Feel free to ask me questions, just not medical ones!

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