Dreams Come True!


Dear Travel Agent,

In my last blog, I mentioned that I would be writing about my recent cruise to Japan and Korea, ending in Shanghai.

We arrived 2 days prior to our cruise in Tokyo, (too short, there were so many things to see and do in Tokyo!) and we stayed 2 nights in Shanghai at the end of the trip.

We were passengers on a 14-day Celebrity Cruise, and even though they are not my sponsor, I highly recommend this cruise. There were only 2 days spent at sea.

We decided to experience some local tour guides in Tokyo, and in Kobe, with the guide, we went on a bullet train to Kyoto and took the subway to Osaka. We loved all 3 places and can’t wait to go back and visit more.

We tried to see Mount Fuji but the weather was too cloudy for that. Instead, I took a picture of a poster of Mount Fuji, and I saved it in my pictures. Now, with my imagination, I can pretend I saw it, and I can lie to all and say I did see it 😜.  Kagoshima was nice, and we learned a lot from Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Nagasaki was our last port in Japan and it was truly hard work for the crew and passengers to get everyone through immigration in such a small port. Everyone on the ship had to disembark at about 3pm and then re-enter. The line was long, and people were not very happy. Busan was the highlight of Korea – what a beautiful destination, there was so much to see.

Another issue we had was regarding our Visas to visit China. Most people don’t need a Visa IF they only stay up to 144 hours (6 days) in Shanghai. Without a Visa, a person cannot stay over 6 days, or go to another place outside of Shanghai. We had all the information they needed from our hotel and stayed 2 nights in Shanghai. Much less than 144 hours. Our passports clearly stated that our date of departure should be no later than 11/02, and we left 10/29. Despite all of this, we had some issues exiting the country through immigration. Their inability to speak English did not help, and it took a while to show proof to the young-looking immigration person in charge, explaining that we had the right documentation and our departure was within the correct time limit.

People have asked me what I liked the most:

  •  The cruise line
  •  Destination Japan: I loved Tokyo and would love to do more in Tokyo.
  •  Destination Korea: I’d love to go back to Busan
  •  Destination China: Shanghai was not my favorite at all, other than The Bund. China is very crowded and smoggy for my taste.

So, what would my perfect cruise to Japan and Korea look like?

It would start in Tokyo, going only to Busan in Korea, and coming back to Tokyo, no more than 2 days at sea, and yes, make it 14 or 15 days.  In order to write this blog I went back to Celebrity Cruise Line’s website to check the itinerary, and to my surprise. I found EXACTLY my dream itinerary to Japan and Korea for November 9 (my birthday) 2019. Well, what a birthday present! You know what I did? Yes, you guessed right! I booked my perfect itinerary for Japan and Korea in 2019.

Come with me and let’s celebrate! After all, we should all be screaming loud and clear about making travel dreams come true: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY TO BE ALIVE!

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