Cruising or an Organized Tour?


canapes-2910498_960_720Dear Travel Agent,

I have just returned from an awesome 15-day cruise to Japan and Korea, which ended in Shanghai. I will write about this cruise on my next blog – don’t miss it!

Today I want to talk about how a person chooses between a cruise or a land package to any destination. This is good information to help a client, or prospective one, decide what would be more suitable for them, even if they have never been on a cruise or an organized tour.

I like to compare a cruise (even a river cruise) to a food fair or fancy food court. There is the comfort of going to only one place and experiencing different flavors of appetizers and exotic cuisines. Since they are just appetizers, they are not big enough to make into a full meal, but with an open mind, you can taste as many as they offer. Eventually you can repeat the experience, or even choose the appetizers you liked the most, and come back later for a “full meal.”

An organized tour is the “full meal” you signed up for. Maybe you heard about it, or someone recommended it, but you will enjoy the full course meal, from appetizers to desserts, and for that, YOU will have to move from place to place, instead of being in a food fair or fancy food court. You will have the full experience, from the food to the kitchen, the cook and all (the whole culture).

Those who follow me can see I clearly love both. I will also write about when I prefer to cruise, and when I prefer an organized or private tour.

This is a good guide to help those who are undecided, and to start a nice conversation with a client, or prospective one, about travel: for sure, they know what they like to eat!

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