Dealing with Anxiety


Dear Travel Agent,

Let’s talk about something people are very uncomfortable admitting or even discussing: anxiety!

Some travelers have a hard time flying, going through TSA, dealing with long lines in the airports, going to different countries, sleeping on beds that are not their own, being away from family members, and so on.

I am only focusing on anxiety that is related to travel, and we can list so many reasons that a bottle of Xanax would not be enough.

It can be very hard for a traveler or prospective traveler to admit that they are feeling anxious. There seems to be a lot of shame about this, and admitting anxiety can make someone feel vulnerable and maybe even feel that they have a mental disorder.

I have been traveling for over 25 years. I have been to 77 countries (on my way to Japan now, number 78!) I have traveled back to some of the same countries countless times, and I can honestly tell you that I have seen so many people having anxiety about different aspects of travel – INCLUDING myself. It is normal, and a Xanax or a relaxing drink can do miracles!

As a travel agent, do a favor for your travelers or prospective travelers. Share this with them. Share information about anxiety, and help them feel normal. Anxiety is just an overwhelming feeling that comes when a person has no control over what will happen, and instead of going with the flow, they (we) tend to have some insecure thoughts.

Don’t want to drink or use Xanax? There are a lot of great tapes and exercises about meditation and breathing.

Remember that booking online does not bring this type of caring information, and only you, as a travel agent, can!

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