Traveling with All 5 Senses


Dear Travel Agents,

Which are the countries that are worth traveling to, and even going back to again and again? It is definitely a personal decision, but when a client wants your advice or picks your brain, my suggestion would be for them to go to countries where you can use and enjoy your 5 senses for treasured experiences.

So let’s explore a bit about the traditional 5 senses:

  • Audio: this is a very important one. Crowded places can be loud and overwhelming for many people, especially those who are looking for a nice vacation. If you are going to a special event like Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, noise will certainly be something to be expected. Otherwise, look for shoulder season and enjoy more of a quiet trip.
  • Vision: can be as overwhelming as audio. Crowded places can make people very uncomfortable, feeling uncertain and unsafe. Many countries have banned outdoor awnings to make it easier on people’s eyes. Also crowded places can cause stress to travelers with an overload of both visual and audio input. This can be a very bad combination, and leave travelers needing a vacation or detox time after the trip.
  • Smell: this is one of my favorites. Different countries bring an incredible number of smells. Most aromas are pleasant and create good memories of the trip. Morocco brought me beautiful smells from the souks and delicious Moroccan food. I still crave the smells, and smile every time I think of them.
  • Taste: how can you NOT resist tasting local food? Just be smart and avoid street food. Our stomachs are not used to some of the different bacteria and we can easily get food poisoning. Try to eat from good restaurants. Limit yourself to eating fruit after it has been peeled and well-cooked meals, not salad or raw (just washed by tap water). Avoid ice. The water treatment is different from American and Canadian standards. Malaria pills help tremendously and with travel insurance, call a doctor if you need to!
  • Last but not least – touch: Touch souvenirs, great presents, different presents – what a great experience. Buying jewelry and trying it on; not only do you use the all of the 5 traditional senses, you are exploring by touching, and after that, how can you resist buying and bringing your prized memento home?

Use all of your 5 senses. Explore using them as much as you can, and come back excited to book the next opportunity to travel using your senses.

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