Why Morocco?


Dear Travel Agents,

Many of you know I have been to 77 countries since I started my travel business over 25 years ago.  In May I went to Morocco, a country that was long on my bucket list, and I finally had the opportunity to visit.

I have to confess that the pictures and advertisements I had seen did not do justice to what Morocco really is. That’s probably why I had not been there sooner. I believe other countries do a better job of advertising.

We started in Rabat, the capital of Morocco. I highly recommend starting there. The small airport makes it easier and less stressful to manage at the beginning of a land tour.

Fez or Fes is a must; I fell in love with Morocco right there, especially in the vibrant souks (markets) where you can find real deals, and no fakes. Local tour guides show visitors Fez and make you believe in fairy tales. The colors and smells confirm those tales, and you are there with the most friendly people smiling at you.

In Erfoud we experienced the real Sahara and what a treat! From the stories we read in books, to seeing the real thing, again we felt like we were living in a story. Early that night there was a light rain, I was jumping for joy in that immense desert, and rain was blessing the earth. It was impossible to NOT to feel special.

Another one of my favorite places was Ouarzazate –  were we still in Morocco? It was like another world, with houses intrinsically inserted in the mountains, surrounded by oasis, high Atlas Mountains, the gateway to the Sahara.

Yes, I have not forgotten Marrakech or Marrakesh. We had heard about this town and were so excited to visit. My suggestion is to buy all your souvenirs for friends and family in Marrakech, but get the good presents and make the real deals in Fez. Trust me about that 😜.

Casablanca is a big town, very cosmopolitan, and more than you can even imagine. You must visit Hassan II Mosque, the third biggest mosque in the world. It was just incredible!

Why Morocco? Friendly people, each area is like a different country, great wine from Moroccan wineries, fun shopping, from cheap souvenirs to good presents. This is a country where pictures and stories don’t do justice to what your five senses can really experience. A MUST!

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