Trip of a Lifetime


Dear Travel Agents,

Do you know the difference between a trip, and the trip of a lifetime?

The difference rests in the care we take in putting together each piece of a trip. Actually, every single trip should be a trip of a lifetime, first, because we deserve it. Second, we never know if “the” next trip of a lifetime will ever happen, because life happens.

All trips should be thoughtfully put together by experienced Travel Agents who know how to take care of every detail, from the minute the trip starts as an idea, until one returns home from it.

A client’s age should not be limiting, nor be used as a decision factor for a trip of a lifetime. I have had the opportunity to meet or hear about young and dynamic 80-year-old people who are ready to hike and enjoy great adventure trips.

Budget should also not be used as a decision maker. In that, a travel agent will not judge, nor use personal taste to put together any trip, but view the client’s wishes based on his/her budget. A reality check may be important and making suggestions for all possibilities is the entire responsibility of the Travel Agent.

It is important to guide clients with each trip, not only as if it is a trip of a lifetime, but also as though it is their first one. Many times, clients forget basic information like the validity of their passport, travel insurance, and other information. Don’t assume they should know, remind them kindly, and they will appreciate it. The more they know, the easier it will be to make each and every trip the “trip of a lifetime” for them, and you, the Travel Agent of the Year.


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