Where Have You Been?

Screenshot_2018-09-12 Rosana Chermisqui ( travelwithrosana) • Instagram photos and videos

Dear Travel Agents,

I want to share something funny that happens to me. When I meet or speak to people I know, instead of asking, “How have you been?” they ask me, “Where have you been lately?”

They say they love to follow my trips on my social media accounts, they travel the world through my travel, and they often want to share a place they are going, or ask me about a destination, and the best ones ask me for my recommendation of a travel agent. They know I used to work with travel agents, and now I guide them as they build their businesses.

Many of you who are reading my blog know that I have recommended you to my personal friends and family. I feel comfortable in doing so, and am glad to do it.

I love how my friends approach me by asking where I have been, or how long I will be staying in town, or where I am going next. Such pleasant conversations to have.

I hope I can use your name in my next conversation, and hope you also have your friends asking you the same questions.


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