Have A Travel Experience


Dear Travel Agent,

Today is 09/11 and I wanted to talk about my favorite thing in this entire world. The thing that heals people, makes people richer, and more united: TRAVEL.

When the country feels so divided, and people spend so much time posting about differences, about HATE, putting others down for their beliefs and opinions, I still want to believe that we can heal each other with positive thoughts, good energy and love each other. After all, we are in this world for a short time. Time is the very essence of healing and doing good, and then when we least expect it, poof, we are gone.

Hate is a horrible disease. It’s like taking poison and expecting the other person to die, but we all know what happens to the one who takes the poison.

Let’s convert negative thoughts and postings into positive ones. Let’s use our energy to learn more, travel, gain experience from different cultures, embrace and celebrate our differences.

Look again at the subject of this blog: Have A Travel Experience (H A T E): What if instead of bad thoughts and bad words we converted them all into positive actions?

Let’s teach our kids and the next generations to agree to disagree, to respect differences and to learn from within. And more importantly, to use our time wisely and selflessly, because life is beautiful and our time is short.

Travel the world, make friends everywhere, and love yourself first.

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