Don’t Assume or Presume

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Dear Travel Advisor,

With over 25 years in the travel business, I have watched plenty of people make the same mistakes I made in the beginning of my career: assuming that clients would not be able to afford “expensive” trips based on what I thought of and understood as “expensive”!

Certainly, “expensive” is in the eyes of the beholder. Putting a value on anything is based on personal experience, and for that, you have to ASSUME that your personal experience is the same as everyone else’s!

When we ASSUME that others have the same values, opinions and experiences as us, we also risk judging others, and in doing that, we risk losing business and even friends.

In the controversial and divided country we are living in, my words of advice to succeed in business is to put differences aside and focus on the positives we share. Let’s share love, and motivation to grow, and be happy. Now, more than ever, let’s share love quotes, travel quotes and motivational quotes.

Going back to what we consider “expensive,” don’t be afraid to send quotes to clients. Most times, their reality is different than what we PRESUME or ASSUME, and they will love us just because we took the time to work hard to make their dreams come true!

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