Do you want a refund?


Dear Travel Agent,

I don’t watch much TV, but I love watching Judge Judy and The People’s Court. I just love it!

Imagine my surprise when I saw Judge Marilyn Milian ruling on a case between a traveler who was suing a travel agent who organizes travel for women to over 120 countries, where she goes together with the group.

The plaintiff wanted her money back because she fell and hurt herself 10 days before the trip, and OF COURSE she felt it was the defendant’s OBLIGATION to give back the money she had paid.

Judge Milian asked the plaintiff if she had ever heard about Travel Insurance, and if she had purchased any. Sure enough, she had not.

The plaintiff then explained that she tried to put together the same tour package online, and the price she came up with was much lower than the defendant sold her packages for.

Judge Milian was horrified by the plaintiff’s words. She said that for the price of the trip that the plaintiff had put together with help of the internet, one could not even go from New York to the Bronx. LOL!

Judge Milian asked the plaintiff why she expected someone else to pay for her own misfortune, when travel insurance was available and would have taken care of it.

To those who know the show, after the verdict, the parties come out and make a statement. In this case, the plaintiff came out saying she didn’t agree with the Judge. She said an attorney she spoke to before the show said she was entitled to get all her money back.

I could not understand how after all the Judge said and explained to the plaintiff, she CONTINUED to believe she could cancel a trip just because she couldn’t travel. How clueless, selfish, and self-centered can a person be?

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