Fall in Love With Your Vacation


Dear Travel Agent,

I often see the work of a travel agent being compared to other professions. Many of these comparisons are to highlight the value of working with an agent. But, some critics believe that working with an agent is an “ancient” idea. When I hear that, I think about the work of a matchmaker.

A matchmaker makes sure that the right two people fall in love. He or she finds out all important details about each “candidate” and then, finds the right “match” for each one.

Today, there are so many apps for matchmaking, but there are also a lot of frogs out there. Some people are weirdos, some misrepresent themselves, and it seems that very few are true. Try this kind of matchmaking at your own risk! Their disclaimers should read, “We are not responsible for you hurting yourself.”

What a good human matchmaker can offer is making the whole process of finding the right “match” less stressful and more pleasant. It adds a human touch.

This is exactly what a travel agent does. Agents are caring people who make sure travelers fall in love with their vacations. By consulting with clients about their likes and dislikes, they can assist clients in finding the perfect destination for their trip. Travelers then have great experiences, and come back happy and ready to continue living their lives.

Call me a dreamer, call me a person who still believes in the importance of the human touch, especially in love and travel.

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