Cruising the World

CruiseShipDear Travel Agents,

Throughout my professional life I have received many inquiries about when it’s best to recommend a cruise, or, why a person should take a cruise.

I always like to explain my answers with a comparison to something people do and feel very comfortable with. I compare traveling to eating. It’s something everyone does and most, I am sure, enjoy it.

The experience of taking a cruise can be compared to having a dinner of a lot of appetizers, instead of one big entree. By tasting a bunch of appetizers, a person has the opportunity to experience and enjoy many flavors, all while having lots of fun. Afterward, the person can decide if the next time they visit that restaurant, she/he wants to enjoy a full entree based on a specific appetizer, or if that sampling of many appetizers was enough, and fulfilling.

Does that make sense? For that reason, I just love a cruise. Now, what kind of cruise?

With food, some people prefer the more popular chain-type restaurants, where you know you will feel comfortable no matter how you go, behave or dress. Some prefer restaurants with table linens, a maître d’ and more formal, with no kids running around, and so on. Others, especially for those where money is not an issue, enjoy 1 or 2 Michelin starred restaurants, and prix fixe menus where a very famous chef decides on the menu.

This is a bit like comparing the different types of cruise ships. There are the more popular, the middle range, and the more expensive ones where everything is included.

Make sure you match your client to the right cruise ship. Question them how they like to eat, and whether they enjoy appetizers or prefer a dinner based on a main entree.

Clients can always take something for seasickness such as Pepto Bismol after  indigestion, but you can’t substitute a cruise experience when people prefer one big and well dreamed about main dish, and all you’ve offered them was many appetizers.

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