Summer Vacation in Las Vegas


Dear Travel Agent,

During a summer week in July, I took my Brazilian friend on a 4-day vacation to Las Vegas, where it was 105F. It was crowded and expensive because Microsoft was having a convention for 40,000 people, and if I did not make it clear enough, it was hot!

People from all parts of the US were there, lots of kids (?) and foreigners, (even my friend from Brazil).

I was wondering what it is that makes this such a great destination – especially in the summer.

Why do families bring kids to a smoking, drinking, and gambling environment?

Why do people go to such an expensive destination to experience walking into an oven, even at 10pm?

Maybe you are wondering why I chose Las Vegas to take my friend. Actually, it was more her choice. I would have preferred a more low-key place that is less crowded, with cooler weather and definitely not a smoking or gambling destination. She loves the glamour of Las Vegas, and I was happy to please my friend, despite it all.

What are your thoughts?

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