Travel is a Necessity


pocket-2324242_960_720Dear Travel Agent,

There was a time, some time ago, long before the Millennials, when travel was only for the rich. Most Americans couldn’t afford to travel to foreign countries. And, forget about the Chinese or Russians, or people from other nations.

Travel was basically for rich Americans dressed in Hawaiian shirts with flashy cameras around their necks.

I remember it well, living in Brazil where everyone had to speak English for them.

Fast forward to today, the world has changed. Travel has become more affordable. In Brazil, for example, people are learning Chinese, Japanese, Russian and other languages to accommodate the demand of incoming tourists. Travel for Americans is now for people of all classes, not only just the most affluent can go.

Tour packages and cruises are more affordable, and people can pay in installments.

Travel is not a luxury, it is a necessity for people to discover themselves, re-energize, meet others with the same interests, and make the world a much more loving place.

And how about travel agents? Like good jeans, they have gone through changes. Some are more fit, others offer more flexibility, but they never go out of style. They’re always comfortable and ready to be used, and are reliable for ALL occasions, even for those fun black tie events!

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