Do you have a good memory?

ConversationDear Travel Agent,

There is a saying that says: if you lie, you need to have a good memory.
Well, I guess I have been blessed with bad memory, LOL!
I am not good at lying and honestly, I prefer to tell my clients (previously travel agents) the truth. We create a better bond and trust is established.
Why am I writing this?
How many times do we not know anything about a destination, but don’t want to sound “stupid” to our clients? How many times do we completely forget to send a quote to a client? Or, even request a quote for them?

Come on, we are humans. We’re not perfect and life, real life, gets in the way.
But, we want to sound professional. Almost as perfect as our beautiful business cards or website. Even as good as our social media presence. So what if we tell a “white” lie: the email stayed at the draft box, we sent it, but don’t know why you didn’t receive it, or, sure I know all about Tanzania but let me call you back, another call is coming in.

Well, how about you smile, even over the phone, throw up your hands and say, your business is important to me and I care about you but all I know is Tanzania is close to Australia. But, I will find out everything you need to know – give me …… hours/days (a realistic time) and I will do an amazing tour for you and your family. I can guarantee you will love it so much that you will recommend me to your friends, family, and people you don’t even know well.

Be honest, be yourself, be you! Life happens. You’re different than search engines and machines. You and your prospective clients are human, and that makes the best connection a most sincere and honest one!

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