Who is REALLY in charge?


Dear Travel Agent,

Let me paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld, first to make this fun (I love his quotes), plus I think it is a nice way to explain my point:

“Dogs are the leaders of the planet. If you see two life forms, one of them’s making a poop, the other one carrying it for him, who is in charge?”

Sure, this is a joke, funny in my opinion. But let’s turn that example into a travel agent talking to a client who they think is in charge and who they believe is the decision maker for the trip.

You’ve put in hours of work, even charged a consulting fee, but after so many back and forths, you end up finding out that you are talking to a middle person who told you they were in charge.

How can you find out who is really in charge?

First lesson: listen to the answers after a couple of questions. The main question is, if I give you all you want, dates, price, and destination, are you ready to commit right now?

If the person says that they need to speak to their partner, son, daughter, friend: ask to have all the decision makers together on a conference call and then ask the same question.

If you get the answer that they need a meeting to decide: they are not ready. Take a deep breath, give yourself a chance, and move on!

If they are ready to make the decision, viola! You’ve got the client, and you’re working with the life form in charge! 😜

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