Traveling during Ramadan


Dear Travel Agent,

When people ask me, “When is a good time to travel?” I always answer, “When it is a good time for you travel!”

Well, I continue to think this way, but when traveling during Ramadan in Muslim countries, keep some important facts in mind:

  • Your driver/ tour guide is Muslim and he/she will not eat or drink all day, until about 8pm (sundown). Driving makes people extremely tired and long-distance travel is not a good idea.


  • AVOID eating lunch in restaurants open for tourists, they are pricey, and will probably serve leftovers and smaller portions.


  • Businesses open after 10am and close earlier, before 4pm. By afternoon, salespeople are more tired and less accommodating when bargaining (for those who enjoy a good deal).


  • Because hotels are less occupied, services slow down.


  • Many tour guides are counting on taking a break during Ramadan, and spending time with their family.



  • My advice for lunch and snacks is to buy food at a market and/or pack some extra from breakfast. Eat and drink discreetly, respecting those who are fasting during Ramadan.

Just slow down, take it easy, sleep a little later and come back to the hotel earlier. Have a big breakfast and sumptuous dinner. Avoid long distances by car, no matter who is driving. Be kind and try to put yourself in their shoes: fasting all day while trying to smile and keep a good mood.

Travel always, whenever it is easier or better for you, and be the best you can be!

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