The Price for Personal Information

dataDear Travel Agent,

How many times have we all been approached by people surprised that travel agents “still” exist, despite living in the internet Google/Expedia world?

This is a rhetorical question. But the answer is very simple. How much do you value your privacy?

For those who follow my blogs, you know that I compare the profession of travel agent to that of a doctor. As a doctor, privacy is more than expected. Travel Agents will not sell or “lend” private information to any other party, and all conversations take place via email, phone calls and/or text messages, and are private and not disclosed to anyone.

Remind prospective clients and clients that if you were to “sell” their information to other parties, if you could make money that way, you could sell any airfare, hotel or even tour for below the quoted price. Your “profit” would be made on their information, and that could be priceless.

There is nothing is this world for free.
Everything has a price tag attached to it.

Remind them that the next time they go shopping online and send their information, others are also getting their priceless personal data. All the security installed in their computer is being compromised by their own action.

The privacy between client and travel agent is priceless AND working with a travel agent doesn’t cost more when you compare apples with apples.  Remind them that buying through the internet doesn’t give them the empathy, answers, or even offer the excitement that working with a competent Travel Agent offers.

I hope you are dealing with smart travelers, and forwarding them this blog will be enough for them to understand your real value!

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