Seasons and Weather


Dear Travel Agent,

I hope you are starting to enjoy the spring season! As we know, spring starts in April in the northern hemisphere of the planet, at the same time as the southern hemisphere starts to experience the beautiful changing of colors of the autumn, or fall.  The end of June starts the summer in the northern hemisphere, and winter in the southern hemisphere.

Countries closest to the equator experience very little change in terms of temperature: Ecuador, Uganda, Kenya and other countries. (Please see world map.) For example, as most of Ecuador is in the southern hemisphere, June to September is considered to be winter, and winter is generally the dry season in warm climates. Springsummer, and fall are generally the “wet seasons” while winter is the dry (with the exception of the first month of fall being dry).

Why am I telling you all of this?

There are two big factors that can influence a prospective client’s decision to visit different countries:

  1.  With climate change, as we can all witness, even though it may be spring season, in many countries or parts of countries it is still snowing. So, make sure you don’t promise sunny weather in April when you have no control of delivering on that promise.
  2.  The seasons and weather (rainy or dry) will determine if it is high, low, or even shoulder season for travel. Prices change completely. When is very inexpensive to visit a country, make sure your prospective client is aware of the weather he/she will be experiencing. For example, while offering a beach lover Australia in August just because the price is right, you will be looking for lots of complaints.

It is smart to have a disclaimer that we can never guarantee good weather during the time of travel, but some homework from the travel agent is required to make sure the client will enjoy the vacation based on his/her expectations and the value of the tour package.

Feel free to pick my brain for more ideas on how to provide the best information to your prospective clients.

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