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Dear Travel Agent,

As my followers already know, I like to compare travel agents with doctors. Some doctors specialize in an area of medicine, and others prefer to be a general practitioner.

I want to talk about advantages of being a travel agent with a specialty:

  • Chances are, you know the destination better
  • You are able to offer a better value for the price you quote
  • People are more likely to recommend you
  • It is easier to target your network
  • You can have a better focus in advertising
  • Your specialty is something you are personally passionate for

However, if you decide to specialize in a very narrow aspect of travel, you will have a smaller audience. For example, a travel agent who specializes in doing wine tasting only in Mendoza, Argentina would not have as broad of a specialty as one who specializes in wine tasting around the world. So, for example, people who love Malbec could offer the experience of comparing the tastes of the Argentinian Malbec and the California one.

You could broaden that to an even larger audience by offering tours for wine and different spirits in different countries, with classes and blind taste tests.

A nice way to promote certain destinations to an undecided group interested in travel that includes wine and/or other spirits, is to have an event and offer different bottles of wine/spirits from different countries. Do a blind taste test by covering the bottles. People in the group give points for taste, and the winner could be the country or destination the group will visit.

Creativity is the name of the game!

Feel free to pick my brain for other ideas for becoming a specialist in an aspect of travel, and how to promote your specialty to groups.

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