The difference between REPOSTING and “STEALING”



Dear Travel Agent,

In this world of social media, it is sometimes complicated to differentiate between a flattering compliment and something not as nice when someone replies to a post with the word, as I quote, “Stealing!”

I am sure that most who replied to my post with that word loved what I said! And I love to create quotes that travel agents want to REPOST (share) with their audience, OR COPY, but adding my name at the bottom, because I was the one who created it.

Anyone can STEAL posts, and add to them, or make believe that they were the ones who came up with that quote. I can’t COPYRIGHT each and every one of my quotes or the blogs I create, nor is my intention.

I believe for some people, REPOSTING (sharing) is like second nature. They see a post they like, they share it. Not another thought will come to them. But others, the same way, will not think twice but to like a post and “STEAL” the idea, and then post it on their social media as though they created it.

Honestly, I am not judging anyone.
I am trying to explain my side, where I spend hours creating quotes and blogs with the intention of giving travel agents more enthusiasm in their work, and paying forward what I got for over 23 years. I’ve worked with so many agents by having a tour operator business, being a cheerleader, and offering to all my guidance for FREE.

Maybe in a world where everything has a price tag on it, it is hard to believe that someone like me could really and honestly want to guide and help travel agents to succeed for FREE, just for the pleasure of seeing others achieve what I did.

Yes, I said it, feel free to pick my brain for FREE. Feel free to ask me questions, feel free to schedule conversations with me so I can GUIDE you to succeed in your business. ALL FOR FREE!

But please, REPOST (share) my quotes and blogs but don’t “STEAL” them. I deserve the respect of getting credit when I create something.

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