Show it off!


Dear Travel Agent,

We all know that travel agents get their commission when they sell a tour. But how do travel agents tell their prospective clients how different they are from an average sales person, and from search engines? They need to SHOW IT OFF!


Let’s make a list of many attributes of a good travel agent, as compared to just a salesperson, or a search engine:

  • knowledge
  • caring
  • communication
  • some can offer specialization
  • time
  • patience
  • sense of humor
  • offering opinions and ideas
  • truthfulness

Some travel agents are stronger in some areas than others, but all travel agents definitely have greater strengths in these areas as compared to a simple sales person or a search engine.

My recommendation is to learn more about yourself, explore more about who you really are, and SHOW IT OFF to everyone, everywhere. Let your clients and prospective ones know where you shine, and they will come to you.

In my opinion, a great attribute to have is a sense of humor. Working with a travel agent who has a sense of humor makes planning any trip much more fun. A nice way for you to show off your sense of humor would be to show pictures or funny cartoons about travel, fun facts about different destinations, and funny quotes about travel or life experience on your different social media platforms. Combining that with other attributes you have, enable you to show how special you are without using a CV or a resume.

People can read between the lines. You will attract the right clients by posting clues about your attributes in a creative way. Be positive and pleasant – after all, there is too much negativity on social media. The more positive you stay, the more you will reach the right target.

Remember that it is not the number of clients you have, but the quality of those clients who will bring you greater results. At the end of the day, it is better to feel rewarded, and not overwhelmed by the wrong type of clients.

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