First Time Travelers


Dear Travel Agents,

I love following the threads on Facebook in the different groups I belong to. It is fun to see other people’s opinions, and I love to learn from them.

An interesting question recently discussed was what do you, as a travel agent, suggest to a person who has never traveled before?

I like to believe that a person who has never travel before and is looking for a travel agent, is thinking about traveling to a foreign country much more than traveling locally.

My reply in that online discussion was to suggest travel to an English-speaking country. To be perfectly honest, my opinion would be to suggest travel to any country where the person feels comfortable with the language. So, for Spanish speakers I would suggest a Spanish speaking country, and so on.

I remember the first time my husband and I went abroad after coming to the US from Brazil. We traveled to Spain and Portugal because we are both fluent in Portuguese and Spanish. Even though we had a tour package, we felt comfortable knowing we could speak to the locals and understand them.

Some travel agents suggested a cruise. That is a very specific suggestion. Some travelers would be uncomfortable thinking about being on water all the time. Others find a large ship overwhelming and sometimes crowded. Honestly, one only knows after having the experience, but it would not be my first choice. They will either love it, or hate you for suggesting it. LOL!

I was interested to note that some travel agents suggested local places, or countries where one doesn’t need a passport for entry. To me, this compares to when a kid is about 16 and starting to drive with a permit. They always need a responsible adult or someone with a driver’s license next to them while driving. How great it then feels to finally pass the exam and have your own driver’s license! They can then drive freeways, roads, and anywhere they want to.  Having a passport is important for all citizens. It allows them to feel the freedom to book a trip anywhere they can visualize and dream. The expiration date is as long as a person’s dream and bucket list. Each page holds the secret of a destination, and the owner of that passport has the right to fill it.

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