Common Sense

Dear Travel Agent,    aeroplane-164663_960_720 (1)

I read an interesting article being circulated on Facebook this week about the do’s and don’ts of airline travel. I felt that much of the advice and facts they mentioned were just a matter of common sense. Not because I am in the industry, nor because I travel quite often, but just because they all required common sense!

Why would someone walking barefoot or with socks only in the aisles and bathrooms of the airplane and imagine that they would be clean or sanitized? Or that the trays, seats, and even pillows and blankets would be sanitized between every flight? And, just for fun, let’s imagine that the bathroom is completely sanitized, in every single corner. How long does it take for it to become a contaminated zone?

Now let’s talk about another matter of common sense, a subject also related to travel that we expect travelers to know. It doesn’t cost more for travelers to use a travel agent. It actually costs them even less if they consider their time spent researching and resolving problems when they arrive, after booking, and/or during the trip.

When prospective clients compare the cost of a hotel night booked by a travel agent versus booking online through a search engine, they are doing the same thing as the traveler walking barefoot into the bathroom of an airplane… (possibly wearing socks!) They are not thinking everything through.

When a travel agent gives a price on a hotel room, it includes taxes, full buffet breakfast, and possibly even a great upgrade (or at least a nice room with nice view) for two big reasons. First, because the travel agent cares about the client. Secondly, the source she/he uses has a good relationship with the hotel, and will ensure that the client’s satisfaction comes first. A prospective client booking through a search engine is just a combination of numbers and letters making a booking code for that hotel – Mr. or Mrs. ZF098718.

The hotel story sounds funny, and the barefoot in the bathroom story sounds gross, but to me, and most of the world, it is a just a matter of common sense.

Wishing you all more honesty and common sense in 2018!

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