Excursions on Cruises


Dear Travel Agents,

When it comes to shore excursions, what do you recommend to your clients? Do you suggest the ones that the cruise line offers, or those from private companies?

And what do you do yourself when you are cruising?

Here are some of my own experiences, plus a little advice:
I love small groups and I prefer and trust small companies that deliver wonderful shore excursions in every port. I would rather not mention which companies I use (since I have used many and they are different in each country) but they pay commission, have excellent service, go beyond the call of duty so you’ll recommend them to friends and families, are well organized, on time (never late so the client will not miss the ship!). My preference is to book the companies who offer small groups with guaranteed departure (maximum 12 people).

The great advantages compared to most cruises:

  • smaller groups
  • less expensive
  • travel agents earn commission on these excursions
  • the groups seem to be “younger” at heart
  • more excursion options in some ports

Do NOT worry about:

  • being on time for departure
  • getting money back in case ship skips the port
  • getting to the excursion in case the ship is delayed into port

Make sure you use a reputable company for shore excursion, as you would do for any vendor. Your clients will be happy that they paid less for their excursions as compared to those offered by the cruise line, enjoyed a smaller group, had time to see and do more than the excursions offered on the ship, and you, the travel agent, will earn commission on these types of excursions.

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3 thoughts on “Excursions on Cruises

  1. Hi Rosana, I am doing a group cruise in July 2018 leaving out of NYC. I am trying to do excursions with the group. What do you recommend? We are going to Grand Cayman, San Juan, Amber Cove. Any suggestions? On what companies I should?


  2. How timely. I just spent the morning looking at shore excursion options provided by the cruise line and shore trips for a Panama Canal cruise and I am not impressed with the offerings. I would love a few hints about great companies to work with. The ports include Grand Cayman, Cartagena, Fuerte Amador,Puntarenas and Puerto Quetzal


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