No Strings Attached


Dear Travel Agents,

The holidays are coming and this is the best time to promote yourself and show your clients who you really ARE!  I have told you before that knowledge is important, but kindness is crucial.

At this time of year, you should gather a list of all your clients, even the ones you haven’t heard from in a long time. Categorize them by:

  • how long they have been your client
  • how many trips they have purchased
  • when was the last time you were in contact
  • how much they spent on their vacation

And since you are already working on this, put a star next to each name you think was happy with your services and would recommend you to a friend.

After this time-consuming work, it is time to send out real gifts. When I say real, I mean gift certificates or other types of gifts that offer instant gratification with no strings attached, and don’t give them the idea that you are just using the holiday season as an opportunity to promote your business. This gift should show you as a kind and generous person, and when they see your name, it will make them smile and REALLY WANT to do business with you again and again.

Some of you might now ask me how much to spend on a gift certificate. As little as $10 at Starbucks would be much appreciated, to as much as you are comfortable spending on Amazon.  For certain clients who have brought you a hefty commission, $50 or more would be nice.

What to do for those clients who you haven’t heard from in a while? Google them, find them on Facebook, Instagram or other social media sites, and see what is happening in their lives. Send them a card (if you have their physical address) or a personalized virtual card that will have meaning to them and show that you CARE! Show that you spent some extra time trying to learn more about them by not sending a “one size fits all” kind of card.

Some of you will still think that sending a gift certificate for a certain amount to be used towards their next vacation has great value. I will not be the one to disappoint you. But, when you prepare a gift certificate like that, you need to explain what it entails, any exclusions, and many times, the value is seemingly diminished by your marketing message (strings attached, promoting my business, buy with me!)

This year, just be the kindest you can be and promote yourself instead of your business. Let your current clients and even older ones who you haven’t kept in touch with smile at the sound of your name, and trust me, business will come!

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