Crossing Paths



Dear Friends,

Sometimes we need to take a good pause in our lives, like a delicious long cruise. This allows us the chance to stop the craziness of everyday life, and pay attention to the little things – like crossing paths, especially with people you would never have expected to meet, because they are from other parts of the country, or even other countries. I also wonder why people cross our paths, and what it is we can add to each other’s life.

Yes, people definitely cross in each other’s lives almost everyday, but when we travel abroad in groups with strangers it is more obvious.

It is exciting. Many times, you feel very comfortable talking to someone on a cruise because you are so sure you will never see this person again once you are back home. You tell your “secrets,” you discuss your problems, and most of the time you gain a perspective that you would never get from someone closer to you.

We have done many cruises and somehow, we always seem to end up making good friends. Quite a few times we have met a couple with whom we became very friendly; we spent a good time together on excursions and at lunch, only to learn a day or two later that they were our neighbors on the cruise ship. Kind of funny.

Sometimes we have had a good time with people during the day on an excursion, then bump into them again while visiting the city or during leisure time after the excursion, only to find out that our tables in the dining room are next to each other.

These coincidences are not only fun, they assure me that we all cross each other’s path for a reason, which allows us to feel more comfortable spending time with each other.

My husband and I like to cruise with friends, but our schedule and bucket lists don’t always need to match with our friends. We are happy to travel on our own, and have faith that more good people will cross our paths, allowing us to enjoy every minute with new friends.

Feel free to share my story with your clients or prospective clients who feel overwhelmed by going on a big cruise alone, or with only one other person. Tell them to play “crossing paths” while they travel.

How about you? Do you have crossing paths story to share?

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