Falling in love with Africa


Dear Travel Agent,

How many of you sell some of the countries in Africa to your clients?

Personally, I love Africa for every reason: cultural, adventure, beaches, history, animals and awesome hospitality.

I haven’t been to all the countries, and not all are safe, but many are. We should all take advantage and visit.

I could spend hours talking about each of one of the countries I have visited, and the others that are on my bucket list. Let me give you a little teaser and ask you to investigate more about these places, ask suppliers for more material, and promote them to your clients.

EGYPT – I have been there twice, and took one of my favorite pictures there (I am not such a good photographer), of the Nile River. It is a safe place to visit, and people feel very embraced by the rich history and the beauty of the country. My suggestion is to do 4 days on the Nile River, and if time allows, don’t miss Abu Simbel on the way back to Cairo from Aswan.

SOUTH AFRICA – when we went in August (winter time in the southern hemisphere), it was great. Not so cold, and not crowded at all. I fell in love with the diversity of activities in Cape Town and the history of Johannesburg. Safari was delightful, since most of the trees had no foliage so we could see far ahead. We incorporated Victoria Falls into this trip, so we also experienced ZIMBABWE and did a safari in BOTSWANA as well.

KENYA and TANZANIA – If you can, offer this trip to your clients during the migration (in May or October). It is great to combine the two countries. As they say: “Hakuna Matata,” or “Poli Poli!” You can see the beauty of the cycle of life, and find the serenity one feels there.

On my short bucket list are: UGANDA, MOROCCO and SEYCHELLES.

What countries in Africa do you recommend to your clients?

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