A Calling Versus a Profession


Dear Travel Agent,

I try to read the posts, Tweets, blogs and check the Instagram accounts of as many of my friends and followers as I can possibly can.

It is important to me to know what travel agents think, and how they deal with their current and prospective clients. I see how much each and every travel agent cares, and how important it is to them to do a good job. Rarely (almost never) do I see questions about which vendors pay more commission, but only about which ones give better service.

There are no classes for CARING, nor there are classes for wanting to make a client happy. Some people are born that way, and some aren’t. Self-centered people do not care as much about making others happy, nor do they put their clients center stage.

The travel agents who succeed are the nurturing ones – self-assured, caring, respectful and who want to make their clients happy. Having a backbone is as important as the nurturing, because the CARE needs to be pointed at both sides: the client/prospective client, and the travel agent/self.

Being a travel agent is more than a profession, it is a calling. There are many times that agents are connected 24/7 to make sure everything is alright, that the client is safe, even before he/she knows that there could be a problem. It is like a big successful play where the actors are the clients, and the travel agent is the backstage crew. The actors look beautiful and get standing ovations, thanks to the caring and loving work from backstage. The play is the beautiful world they travel and enjoy – taking many pictures, smiling throughout, and telling others what a journey it has been!

To all the travel agents and those who work backstage making sure life is a great success to many, cheers!

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