Life happens and Travel Agents Rock!


Dear Travel Agent,

The travel industry has been through different challenges throughout the years, and now, more than ever, I see a big reason to be united.

Just sixteen years ago, right after 09/11, it was hard to sell Europe. I discovered how much easier it was to sell South America at that time, and my tour company prospered and actually sold more than we expected.

Then came the search engines, which strongly tried to put all travel agents out of jobs. What we can now see is that search engines better assist the cheaper clients; taking the self-helpers to one side, and leaving the smart and savvy travelers looking for the expertise of travel agents.

Now, it seems that the world is upside down. There have been so many hurricanes and earthquakes, affecting so many places and hurting so many people. It hurts, it leaves us speechless, and somehow helpless.

How can we come together and do something? We can definitely do something to help!

  • Give a little portion of your sales to a cause to rebuild a country.
  • Pre-sell some of the affected destinations for travel as soon as they are ready (tourism always brings money and promotes the economy of a country).
  • Promote groups going to those countries to rebuild through church groups and other venues. (Contact churches, YMCA, Red Cross and other venues about how to bring in people to help.
  • Use any venue to collect money, such as a Telethon to raise money to send it to those countries.
  • Develop and promote your own ideas to help the affected countries.

Remember you don’t need to do it anonymously. Proudly connect what you are doing to the name of your company, or your name. Prospective clients can and should know how much you care. If we all care, we will build a better world. Catastrophes happen, life happens, travel agents care and they show it. I am sure that those who show more caring will end up getting more business, and they deserve to.

Do you have a plan on how you can help?

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