Personal Versus Automated

volunteers-2654000_960_720Dear Travel Agent,

Do you still remember the way you felt when you patiently called your suppliers about Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, to learn what was canceled and what wasn’t? What did you tell your clients? I saw the posts of many travel agents who said that they waited no longer than 15 minutes for an answer, and that even though the vendor was overwhelmed by many calls, he/she was very polite and gave all the necessary answers and information.

Talking to a real person, and getting private, one-on-one attention is priceless. If you feel like that as a person who works in tourism, imagine how your prospective clients feel! They have a lot invested in their trip (many times it is their first one, or they have saved long and hard for the money). They deserve to feel special!

Online automation is great for paying for parking lots, trains, subways, etc. It is great when you don’t have any questions, and if you lose that little bit of money or time, it will not be a burden to you. Otherwise, we all need a human being who speaks good English, or whatever our native language is, who can explain all pros and cons of our trip; a person who will give us choices and suggestions. An actual human who will take the time to understand us better, and hold our hand until the end of the planning, and even be there to welcome us back to make sure we had a super time.

Working with people offers a great value that automation will never, ever be able to take over.

Think about this next time you promote yourself. You have so much more to give! Forget about online websites or search engines – your personal service is much more valuable and important to everyone!

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