Travel Agents versus Search Engines


Dear Travel Agent,

We have been talking a lot about Travel Insurance, made even more timely with current events such as and Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

From responses to my previous posts, I can see that most travel agents know the importance of travel insurance and have offered it to their clients, and had them sign a waiver when they declined to purchase it.

Do you think that search engines take the time to explain the pros of travel insurance, (even through a quiz) before a client purchases the trip? Will they ensure that clients obtain the travel insurance policy that suits them best, based on pre-existing conditions, or other situations that could affect their travel?

We all know the answer to that!

Search engines are great for what they are called: SEARCHING. But not for PURCHASING!

Travel Agents make sure clients are safe before, during, after their trips. If an itinerary is changed due to a hurricane, or for an unexpected life event, or for the recurrence of a pre-existing condition, travel agents will make sure that the client has insurance to cover them. They will also do all they can to reschedule, rebook, or cancel with as little inconvenience and cost to the traveler as possible.

As I always say, Travel Agents are like a comfortable pair of jeans – they change through the years, they get wrinkled, they shred at the knee or in other places, but they will never go out of style!

Unfortunately, the recent hurricanes have destroyed homes and lives. Many travelers have lost their dream vacations and their money because they purchased trips online without a knowledgeable travel agent to guide them.

Let all your prospective clients know how much you care, and that you will make sure they will be safe on their next vacation!

Travel Agents Rock!

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