Know it all!


Dear Travel Agent,

I have been approached many times with questions about how to deal with clients who “know it all.” Believe me, even as tour operator I have had many travel agents who wanted to teach me how to run my company, or tell me how to create my tour packages.

Is that annoying? You bet!

I am a truly believer in taking a deep breath and trying to understand the other side (which is not so easy, I promise you!) But in a world in which we are so tired of hatred, how can I call myself a “lover” when the first thing I think about is to kick that kind of prospective client on the behind, and tell her/him to shop someplace else.

I believe in building bridges. If that prospective client came to me, it was for a reason. With a big smile on my face, and kindness in my heart, I would let that prospective client hear my voice over the phone asking the question: “What can I help you with?”

I choose to believe that not everyone is bad, not everyone is racist (I am Hispanic and speak with a Brazilian accent), but many people come from a place where they have their own personal problems or fears, and many times they just need some caring words and validation.

Once you break that barrier and build a bridge, you will find a reliable client. They will trust you, come back, and recommend you to friends and family.

Maybe some of you reading my blog are calling me a dreamer or even delusional, LOL! But those who really know me, know that I built a successful business and life making friends instead of trying to prove who is more “macho!”

As I always say and will continue saying, life is short and travel is a blessing. Just have fun and build as many bridges as you can, you never know where they will take you!

With love,

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