Controversy, opinions and starting new.


Dear Travel Agent,

How many of you remember starting your company or job as travel agent?
I certainly remember my beginning. The first call came from a friend of a friend, and she wanted a honeymoon in Greece. She wanted me to give her details about the package. At that time there was no Google, and I barely knew where Greece was! I remember physically going to a library to read more about Greece, and then I opened an issue of JAX FAX and found a tour operator for Greece who delivered a very nice package. Through my friend I know that the honeymoon was great, but unfortunately, the marriage didn’t survive.

Right after that first consult, another recommendation called me for a hotel in Jerusalem and I asked if she wanted ocean view. By her reaction over the phone and a very fast look on the map, I understood my mistake. I was fast on my feet and told her it was a joke and then asked her if she wanted a taller hotel so she could appreciate the ocean in Tel Aviv!

Well, after 24 years and 74 countries, experience and expertise has made me much more confident and knowledgeable about travel.

Last week on my blog I expressed my opinion about charging Research Fees, and shared that post with different groups. I noticed that some people who have lots of experience and expertise feel very strongly about charging a fee. I would never want to change their opinion, or the way they conduct their businesses. When I write my blogs to travel agents, my intention is to share my knowledge – especially with those who are just starting out, and perhaps feeling overwhelmed. I truly believe that being humble and remembering my own beginnings keeps me centered.

For all of you who are just starting out, remember to have fun, laugh at your own mistakes, and take it easy. I just came back from Tanzania and as they say, “Pole Pole!”
Life is lived only once – relax and enjoy helping others travel and have fun!

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One thought on “Controversy, opinions and starting new.

  1. Thx. Roxana, as always I appreciate your words of wisdom and advice to travel agents …I agree that no matter how experience an agent is there will always be something to learn. We can learn from the experiences of others, our own experiences rather they be good or bad .


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